Think ‘repeat’ and ‘scale’ in everything you do in marketing!

In discussions with marketing people I hear the same complaint over and over: ‘Although I spend a lot of money on marketing, it doesn’t seem to bring any result.’

When I ask them what kind of activities they undertook in the past 12 months , they tell me they they sent out a mailing, organised a customer event, did some telemarketing, created a brochure… Really nice things. And they even did things right, exactly as  marketing handbooks told them to.

Quick wins don’t exist

So, what is the problem? The problem is nowadays we all love quick wins, i.e. doing the things we have been told to do, preferably with a minimum of effort, and expecting an immediate result.

Unfortunately, quick wins  -hoping that  one-time actions will generate  a lot of leads – don’t exist in marketing. Because it doesn’t fit with how marketing psychology works… just as it doesn’t fit with how nature works.

The winemaker who plants a new vineyard will not be able to commercialize any new wine for the next couple of years. He accepts that. So, why don’t we, in marketing?”

Scalability and repeatability

In launching ‘one shot’ marketing activities over and over again, most people  tend to forget the 2 rules of successful marketing: repeatability and scalability. Only doing things repeatedly and in a scalable way will bring results. Unfortunately, this requires  effort and – especially – a lot of time. And that doesn’t fit with our ‘we want it all, now’ nature.

If you start a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook page for you company, you may end up with only 5 followers or likes after one month, and maybe 20 after three months. This is where most people give up. But the few who don’t give up, will end up with 50  followers after 1 year, 200 after 2 years and 800 after 3 years.

Anything you do in marketing should be repeatable and scalable. After many efforts and a lot of patience from your side, it should lead to a momentum where ‘the machine’ starts generating leads by itself… without your intervention.

So, if you are considering a marketing activity that does not carry in itself the potential for repeatability and scalability, don’t start executing it. Think ‘repeat’ and ‘scale’ in everything you do in marketing!