New Lemarco customer Spikes Consulting: a vision on the future of IT

spikes consultingThe Antwerp-based ICT company Spikes Consulting has asked Lemarco to assist them in a strategic exercise, involving setting up a new positioning and messaging framework for their product end service offering that will precede the launch a brand new website.

What makes this project particularly interesting for Lemarco too, is that Spikes Consulting is also one of those rare companies with a real vision on the future of IT. Rather than looking at how people have worked up till this day, they already build in their solutions how people will work tomorrow.

‘Collaboration’ will be the driving force behind ICT in the future, supported by integrated communications, workflows, (unstructured) information management and social media. Not as just a side-dish to existing ERP applications, but as the core of any future ICT system. Transactional business software will become a real system of engagement.

To be continued !