Online media will succeed… once they will understand who their real customer is

How many companies have tried in the past 10 years to start up an online media business unit and make money out of it? Why is it so that most online media projects are failing, making the same errors over and over again?

It’s because those companies believe their mission is to offer content… However,  the media business is not at all about content, and it has never been. It’s about selling advertising space.

The customer of a media company is not the reader and the real product of a media company is not content. The real customer is the advertiser and the real product is advertising space.

Content? It’s no more than a part of their production chain; a way to attract advertisers. Only when media companies finally understand what business they are in, online media will be successful.

(I think Facebook is starting to realize now that their 1 billion users are not their real customers either)