A society of ‘too much’

A major problem of our western world is that we have too much of almost everything:

We drive too fast
We work too long
Eat and drink too much
Receive too many emails
Have too many friends in Facebook
Spend too much money on holidays
Buy too expensive smartphones too often
Have too many TV programs to choose from
Drive too big cars with too much horsepower

The even bigger problem however is, that human race is genetically not ready to cope with a situation of having ‘too much’ .

Our genes are programmed to tell us we have never enough of anything: our genes tell us, whenever we have the opportunity: ‘hey, eat more, travel faster, conquer more territory, increase your circle of influence…’ Which was historically necesary for survival of the race, but not anymore in 2011.

I rarely read a business plan that says: ‘next year we’ll do less. Get rid of this or that customer segment drop this or that product’.

However, in my personal life I made a first step. I replaced my 500€ Samsung Galaxy S smartphone with a 130 € model from an unknown brand. You know what? I feel more Zen already with a cheaper smartphone. But, to be honest, the only reason i really enjoy Zen is that I can afford the other side of the medal.