Technology killed the real people on TV

As a child, it were not TV programs that made me dream. I believed that those people I saw on the screen were actually dwarfs living inside the TV. After the show, they closed the curtains of that big front window and I imagined they continued living their little private dwarf family life in that mini-house, probably cooking for the kids, putting them in bed orcleaning up the mess in the mini-livingroom after the TV show. If you looked at the back of the TV, through those tiny holes, you could even see many lamps burning,  and it was always warm in there.

Now, in the era of LCD end LED, what is left for us to dream?  How can people possibly live decently in those flat, one-dimensional things?  There is no living space in there, unless if you imagine those dwarfs standing up all the time.  I dont see curtains anymore that open slowly when the show starts. And the lamps at the back of the TV are gone.

All that new technology for a better image? I tell you: the only real 3D was before, now it’s only fake 3D.