My highly succesful comeback to facebook

About four months ago I decided to delete all my facebook friends, remove all pictures on my profile and just keep it as a passive profile. Why did I take this initiative? Because I got tagged by friends on some (unharmful) pictures and just felt i was loosing control over what was written and said my public online person.

And as FB is claimed to be so important today, it was also an interesting experiment. Would I become socially isolated? A weird marginal figure nobody would talk to anymore? Would i become disconnected from generation Y, X and who knows even older?

And, see, thanks to me, nothing happened. I didn’t loose a single real-life friend (Some say because I didnt have any) and i remain as connected (most will say disconnected) to reality as i was before.

Anyway, today it seems Facebook has changed, as have rules in the whole online world. Just read the quote on the Business Insider web site (posting entitled “Age Of Social Sharing Has Reached Its End”):

“Having all of your friends see everything is the old way of doing social. The new way is, ‘Who do you REALLY want to share information with?’ There are only a couple of people whose opinions you really trust, and you don’t want the noise of everyone else drowning them out.”

So: i decided to become (passively) active on Facebook again about a week ago and visiting my profile now and then. OK, none of my online buddies has come back yet. But who cares? You know what? After all it’s my decision to remain my own and only real online friend.