Why iPad is a blessing to Windows

You know the story about the little fish who live on the shark’s back and travel with them in a perfect harmony? Here’s a similar one.

Untill recently, starting up my PC at 8.30 AM morning used to be a source of frustration, as it took on average between 10 and 20 minutes (besides scaring me off with ‘critical update requided’ messages which -if i would ignore them- my machine seems to suggest some terrible things will happen to me and my family).

Since i bought an iPad, this frustration is compeletely over and -honestly I believe it’s a real blessing to Microsoft. Because while my PC is starting up, i just open my iPad and start twittering or do some blogging in WordPress, like i’m doing right now.

At this moment, for example, I even wish my PC would find something else to do till I finish writing my blog in iPad, like a ‘HP healthcheck’, a Norton update (DANGER you are not protected anymore!), a little Adobe Reader update, or even a more ambitious ‘Compact now’ of my PST file in Outlook (suggestion: this one is very useful if you want to write a long blog or have an extensive breakfast)

Anyway, this is the reason why I believe Microsoft Windows and Apple iPad are THE perfect ecosystem,like the shark and the little fish. Microsoft should be thankful to Apple for the invention of iPad.