24 hours uploaded on Youtube… every minute

This astonishing figure is maybe symbolic for our whole information society and the internet: nobody in the world will ever be able to watch all the videos on Youtube. No, worse than that: nobody can even keep up with the pace of new videos added on Youtube. So where will this end up? That we are all potentially over-informed – too much information comes at us too fast to be able to swallow.

In the 20th century and the first years of the 21st, the challenge of all people was to be informed in the first place. Having access to news and information was what they were looking for and anyone who could produce news and information, was highly valued for that. Those were the golden years of press agencies, newspapers, magazines, and later on CNN (“Breaking News”) and in the earlier days of the internet online newssites.

But what now? If the Twin Towers attacks on 9.11 would happen in 2011, it would certainly already have been Twittered around (and videos posted on Youtube) before CNN announces it as “breaking news”. The challenge today lies in over-information, and the real added value does not lie anymore in producing news, but in filtering news and information exactly for what people are looking for.

Which is, in my opinion, the big challenge for Google Search also, and probably the reason why the perceived usefulness of Google Search results will decrease gradually over the years: too many results from searches, too much mess. Logically, Google will see new competitors arise, like blekko. who will claim better search results by filtering information. This can work, as long as the ‘qualification’ of information is not done by human intervention (its just impossible), but by a sort of artificial intelligence.