Lemarco has branch office in India through strategic partnership

Lemarco could not be blind to the fact that the world is becoming a global marketplace.  For many B to B companies and ICT companies in Europe, large and small, offshore software development by higly skilled companies in India is becoming a common practice.

A challenge ?… and a great opportunity for Lemarco: because those ICT companies in India are from their side also looking for business development opportunities in Europe.

In order to embrace this new reality and be able to operate on a more global scale, Lemarco has signed a strategic partnership with Crescimarc in India: Crescimarc is a young and growing provider of marketing services and branding solutions located in Chennai, India.

From now on Lemarco’s has a local subsidiary in India operating under the name ‘Lemarco Crescimarc India’. On the other hand, Lemarco is Crescimarc’s local branch office in Europe under the name ‘Crescimarc Lemarco’. The objective is a close collaboration on international marketing projects on a global scale.