iFacto takes over the activities of Strategic IT in Belgium

iFacto Group, part of the belgian IT group Cronos Groep, stepped into a partner agreement with the dutch company Schouw Informatisering. This means that the activities of Strategic IT are now run by iFacto Group. Consequently iFacto now adds a new vertical to its portfolio with the add-on solution, SI Foodware, which is already available on the Role Tailored Client of Dynamics NAV 2009.

iFacto is one of Lemarco’s important customers and I have seen in the past years how they have gradually built their way to success. Undoubtedly, they are now on their way to become the Microsoft Dynamics Partner with the largest installed base in Belgium. What is surprising however – and unlike some other large Microsoft Dynamics Partners – is that iFacto has kept the entrepreneurial spirit it had right from the beginning. As long ads they keep that spirit, their future is bright I believe.