Belgian Dynamics Community: new web site

BDC_logo_RGBThe Belgian Dynamics Community is one of those projects that started small two years ago and has grown more ambitious and more professional than we could ever dream.

I’m really proud to be a (small) part of this initiative; every BDC boad meeting is incredibly energizing because the people in the BDC board really make THINGS HAPPEN.

And if one great thing happens next week, it’s the new web site… normally you should wait till november 5th (at Microsoft Convergence in Rotterdam), but I can’t wait to show you so here’s a  a preview already. And if we managed to do this on time, it’s thanks to pour most inspired BDC board member Kurt Juvyns (who works I think 16 hours a day)  and thanks to Seltec who managed to get the new web site and CMS live on time.