Culobel NV chooses


Anyone who thought SAP and Microsoft Dynamics were the only serious players in the ERP market may need to balance their opinion. Smaller companies like ERP supplier Fujitsu Glovia certainly don’t have the power to make the same noise in the market, but their products may be just as good… or better?

Lemarco has been working for Fujitsu Glovia for some time now, and we’ve been investing a lot in creating market awareness for their flagship product And the results are there: Glovia’s last deal was Culobel, an industrial company with subsidiaries in Belgium and Czeck Republic.

I’ll be honest:  at Lemarco we feel a little proud and happy that ‘our’ customer is gaining marketshare. Proud, especially because Fujitsu Glovia won the deal, if I’m well informed, against a major Microsoft Dynamics AX partner and against SAP itself.

Great job, Glovia!