Showtex and iFacto

showtex-picture-2-webYou can be big and small at the same time. The 70+ companies of the IT group Cronos have each found a way to keep the enthousiasm of small entrepreneurial companies while benefiting of the advantages of belonging to a big group. Lemarco  collaborates intensively with iFacto, one of those Cronos companies, and I must say it’s a  lot of fun to work with them.  And I wonder if my theory is right that nice companies attract nice customers too…

Anyway, Lemarco recently realized a great customer testimonial at one of iFacto’s customers called Showtex, one of those rare examples of those Belgian niche-niche players who really made it internationally. I was accompanied by Steven Arrazola de Onate from iFacto, we did a great interview with , one of Showtex’s founders, Wim Lemmens, a man who is probably richer than anyone who ever read this blog especially in 2009), but who looks like he could be your neighbour in the small appartment across the street.