Norriq A/S takes over Helios-IT

patrick_blogHelios-IT has been a success story on the belgian IT market. Especially if you see where the company comes from. I kwew two current board members – Bert Van Dessel and Peter Moerman – when they were struggling as a small Navision Partner (called Solution Partners) 9 years ago. Actually, their situation didn’t look bright, but then came a merger with Magel’an (led by Rick Vander Noordaa, now working at SAP), and then a series of other mergers and acquisitions (Compulog, Deliotte NAV,… , Tectura,…. i’m forgetting a lot of them).

The success of Helios-IT, I think, has been a story of people growth in the first place. Bert Van Dessel, Peter Moerman and Alex Vandereycken came from (almost) nowhere but they were gifted with an impressive ambition to ‘make it happen’.  Their personal growth path has been enormous, but what is especially great is that they were not afraid to discover where their personal weaknesses were and where they needed external help or guidance to realize their ambitions. I think this is the real kind of wisdom successful companies need.

A strong company growth can put a company in a somewhat difficult position in terms of cash flow and liquidity, as Helios-IT’s 2007 figures seem to indicate.  And it’s great to admit that and take the action that is best for the company. So the cquisition by NORRIQ A/S is no more than logical, and I think it will be successful if he current management stays on board.