SAP & Tech Data join forces

patrick_blog2.jpgIn order to improve the footprint of Business One on the belgian market (SAP has a long way to go if they want to catch up more than 2500 Navision and Axapta customers), SAP is now looking for help from distributor Tech Data. Together, they are launching the Tech Data –  SAP Referral Program.

Earlier this week, the Tech Data customers (resellers,including Microsoft Dynamics Partners who also sell hardware) have received an email from Tech Data asking them to join the referral program: resellers can earn a commission by looking for potential leads for Business One among their own endcustomers and transferring those to Tech Data.

If the referral program itself will be a success is doubtful. If I were a reseller, I would never give away any of my customers to  an external company without controlling what that external company is going to do with that customer: if I advise something, I want to be 95% certain my customer will be satisfied with the result. And I won’t risk that for a few thousands Euros commission.

The referral program by itself will have only marginal results, but what is the real objective is to recruit new channel partners for Business One?  The referral program may trigger the interest of some resellers, Microsoft Dynamics and Exact Partners to become real B1 Partners and train themselves to both sell and implement B1.  But then again, which Partners will those be? The ones who have been unsuccessful with Navision or Exact. Or the infrastructure partners who have never been in the business applications market before. In both cases, the results on the market will be marginal…

An the winner is… Tech Data, who is making its first step into the business applications market, and maybe extend it’s future offering to software services and support.