NokiGill 5/6/7

patrick_blog.jpgI have so many friends that a regular 2 megapixel camera can’t handle the pictures I want to take when I’m being invited. That’s why I’m dreaming of a new mobile phone… one that really satisfies the deepest needs of my immensely popular personality with more, much more megapixels.

Salvation is there: there is a lot of buzz around the new Nokia N96 that will soon be launched. It not only has a 6 megapixel camera in it, but also 4 integrated speakers. This is only one speaker less, but one megapixel more, than there are blades in the new Gillette Fusion.

My next dream is a merger between Procter & Gamble and Nokia, so they can launch THE must-have for any modern man: a mobile phone you can also shave with. It will be called the Nokigill 5/6/7:  5 speakers, 6 shaving blades and 7 megapixels.