The buzz about buzz marketing

patrick_blog.jpgI recently attended the congress of BEA Systems in Antwerp. One of the presentations was about buzz / viral / Word of Mouth (WoM) marketing. Buzz is what people talk about.

The Da Vinci Code was buzz.

The Nintendo WII is buzz. 

The Led Zeppelin Reunion concert is buzz.

Lemarco is buzz.

But the biggest buzz is undoubtedly…. about buzz marketing itself. If you want to be a trendsetter in the marketing area, you have to talk about Buzz Marketing.

I have seen and read a lot about buzz marketing in the past months. Lots of them commonplaces with no practical value. But the BEA Congress gave me great ideas.  I saw for the first time an interesting presentation, given by the company Buzzer. The title was “Word of Mouth: What’s the Buzz?”. And those guys really seem to know how to set up a real WoM campaign. Although they are only active in B to C; B to B still seems an unexplored domain.